The strength of a community is determined by the richness of its stories. Voices in the Valley provides a forum for a diversity of narratives to be heard. Joined by student hosts, professional artists, writers and musicians, and a whole crew of interesting characters, adult hosts Steph, De and Jeff and student hosts Emma, Grace and Will adventure through a variety of topics, stories and ideas. 

Aired first as a radio program on KLBB 1220 and then uploaded as a podcast, Voices in the Valley seeks to promote an environment where people of different world views, backgrounds and experiences can share their stories and experiences in a supportive environment while also providing valuable resources to each other.

Voices in the Valley is a radio show produced through StoryArk, a non profit organization that nurtures, educates and mentors storytellers. What's your story? How are you going to tell it? Email to find out more. 


Voices in the Valley is filmed by high school students. The audio is then stripped to be made into a radio show and podcast while the video is edited by a senior in high school and produced by a senior in film school.